The fintech response to a global pandemic

The last eight months have been filled with surprises. Our lives have changed significantly; working from home has become the new norm, and we’re gradually all getting used to staying within our bubbles and shopping for necessities using contactless payments, rather than cash.

The lockdown rules may only be temporary but some of these changes look like they could be more permanent. Flexible working arrangements have benefits beyond safety in a pandemic and contactless payments have proven to be easy and efficient.

But with such an overload of information and guidance at our fingertips, it can be hard to know what we should be doing from one day to the next. Of course, individually we can help out with small actions, such as washing our hands, wearing a mask, and only leaving the house when we need to.

But what can we do as an industry?

We might never go back to how things were before, so how can we make sure that the future is as bright as it can possibly be?

I suppose the question I’m asking here is, what can fintech offer? Well, it turns out rather a lot.

The future of payments has long looked as though it resides in contactless payment methods, but now it seems like a necessity for all businesses as they work to reassure customers of their safety. Mobile payments are also increasing, with companies offering digital gift cards to compensate for cancelled bookings or events.

But unprecedented times call for bold new solutions, and this industry is in a prime position to provide them. Essentially, this is an opportunity for fintech businesses to really make a difference. 

What fintech can contribute

One great example of this is the Starling Connected card. Designed for those shielding or isolating due to COVID, it provides an extra card to a designated trusted person. This card can then be used to make payments with money set aside by the account holder, removing the need for exchanges of cash or multiple transfers between individuals. Moving forward, this continues to be a gamechanger for people spending significant amounts of time unable to leave their homes.

As a result, fintech has proven itself to be crucial to the global recovery from the pandemic. But of course, there are risks and responsibilities associated with that role. Fintech businesses have the chance to help businesses and individuals adapt to and survive the pandemic, while proving that they are here for the long haul. 

The next step

That means that this is just as good a time as any for a business to grow. All that’s needed is the right idea and the right tools to share it. If you want to impress potential investors or potential clients, you need to stand out – and that’s where communication comes in.

At SkyParlour, we want to help new and existing Fintech companies make an impact. We now have three divisions created to provide the right services at the right time. If you’re just getting started then email [email protected], if you’re already established then email [email protected], or to consult with us about your next move email [email protected].

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